01 September

"12 STUDIOLO" was published in a book, "Penshirubiru. Collective housing in Japan taken to its limit" in Spain.Link

23 August

"SHIBUYA STREAM" received the 62nd BCS Award.Link

14 July

"Kyoai Gakuen University Bldg.5 KYOAI GLOCAL GATEWAY" is published in Kindai KenchikuLink

09 July

The article of "KYOAI GLOCAL GATEWAY" is posted on japan-architects.Link

06 July

【Project】Kaminoge Terrace / Cooperative HouseLink

07 May

"Yamamoto Town Office" received JIA Tohoku Architecture Award 2020.Link

01 May

"Kyoai Gakuen University Bldg.5 KYOAI GLOCAL GATEWAY" is published in japan-architectLink

23 April

The interview of Kazuko Akamatsu /CAt is released on TOYO KEIZAI ONLINE.Link

19 April

The interview of Kazuko Akamatsu + Shinya Omura /CAt is released on AGC web.Link

15 April

Kazuko Akamatsu + Shinya Omura / CAt will join a lecture at gallery IHALink

26 MArch

Kazuko Akamatsu / CAt will join an online discussion event at Learn by Creation NaganoLink

26 February

"Hakuo High School", "Nagareyama Otakanomori Elementary and Junior High School", "Astramline Shin-Hakushima Station" and "Kyoto University of Foreign Studies Bldg.4"are published in GA JAPAN latest issue.Link

29 January

"ROPPONGI TERRACE" is published in SHINKENCHIKU latest issue.Link


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