Iwami Junior High School

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This is a renovation plan for a junior high school. The zigzag layout of the school building was designed to keep distance from existing school buildings, landslide-prone areas, and old trees that are at risk of collapse. The school building, including the gymnasium, has a structure in which "four clusters" are grouped by subject and function and connected by a "hinge core", which is the core of the zigzag bending point structure, and also functions as a section building that legally realizes a partially wooden structure.

The cross-sectional plan includes a community open zone which includes administrative rooms and special classrooms, on the first floor and a classroom zone with classrooms and a library on the second floor, creating an environment that is easy for local residents to visit and a calm learning and living environment for students. We are trying to balance both. The community open zone on the first floor is planned to include a town gallery, a lunch room, and a grand staircase called the Rice Terrace Hall, along with a group of studios that will function as special classrooms and community collaboration rooms. The aim was to create an environment that facilitates collaboration. At the request of the local government, the classroom zone on the second floor uses a subject center format, where students move to a dedicated classroom for each lesson. We have a variety of learning spaces for each subject with varying degrees of openness, such as subject labs, subject classrooms, teacher corners, small group classrooms, and HB (home base).

Learning history and other information are posted in the open subject labs, and what connects them is the main flow line on the second floor, where students of different grades can interact and live like a living room, which we have named the ``tree-lined avenue of learning.''
The outer periphery of the first and second floors will be constructed of reinforced concrete, and the center of each cluster on the second floor will be constructed of wood using local wood, lined with tree-like wooden pillars that characterize the tree-lined avenue of learning. The wooden roof has a sloped roof made of Sekishu tiles, inheriting the local landscape.
Location Onan Town, Ochi Gun, Shimane
Principal use Junior High School
Structure RC and partially Wooden Stucture
Number of stories 2 Stories
Total floor area 6,000 m2
Completion May, 2024
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