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Ichinomiya Community Center

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CAtKazuko AkamatsuShinya Omura

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Toyokawa City is promoting the consolidation and abolition of aging public facilities, and the multi-functionalization and complexization of facilities with overlapping functions and usage areas. As one of its leading projects, the Ichinomiya Community Center is positioned as a "Ichinomiya Area Facility Reorganization Project."

This plan will integrate six functions: a branch function, a community function including meeting rooms, a library function, a children's center function, a complex facility including welfare counseling and elderly support functions, and a sports facility equipped with an arena. This is a public facility reorganization project to create a base for promoting activities and multigenerational exchange in the Ichinomiya area. We were selected as the designers of the Ichinomiya Community Center through a public proposal held in 2023.

Our design proposal established a plaza in the center of the site. Various activities such as sports facilities, assembly halls, and children's centers will be exposed to the outside space. The complex was designed to have a grand, open staircase with an atrium that connects to the second-floor terrace overlooking Mt. Hongu, which towers to the northeast of Ichinomiya.

Centered around the grand staircase and atrium, we created a waiting space for the branch, a children's center, a meeting place, a library, and a place for each user. Each function will coexist with the other, creating a facility where multi-generational exchange and activities will expand. In the gymnasium, we took advantage of the difference in elevation of the site and installed tiered viewing benches and slopes to match the topography. Events in the gymnasium can be easily viewed from the plaza, and by opening up the doors and fittings, the space can be used as an integrated space.
Location Toyokawa City, Aichi
Principal use City office branch, Community Center, Library, Gymnasium
Structure RC + S structure
Number of stories 2 stories (Community Center)
1 Story (Gymnasium)
Site area 12,263.55㎡
Building area unfixed
Total floor area unfixed
Completion March, 2029
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