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Isa City Hall

2026In Progress

CAnYasuyuki Ito

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This is a project that started after being selected as a designer in an open call for proposals to be implemented in 2020. It was requested that the dilapidated city hall be relocated next to the Oguchi Fureai Center and that the adjacent park should be integrated into the building.

The site used to be a bustling railway station. We proposed to reorganize the surrounding municipal land and create a place like a station where citizens gather. While making use of the existing square plaza and Oguchi Fureai Center, we will create a space that continues from Linear vehicle with a landscape centered on the newly constructed government building and the reorganized park. It is a plan to inherit the memory of the railroad ruins and reorganize it as a place where citizens can gather.

At the center of the newly constructed building is the assembly hall, which is the largest space in the government building. The assembly hall is designed to be open to the public as well. The plan is to create a three-dimensional relationship with the entire facility by creating a spatial structure that is continuous with the atrium of the indoor plaza.

At the connection with the existing Fureai Center, an indoor plaza and a cafe that can be used interchangeably with the government building have been placed to provide a place for natural interaction.


Location Isa City, Kagoshima
Principal use Town Office
Structure Steel Structure
Number of stories 4 stories
Site area 6,600㎡
Building area 2,985㎡
Total floor area 6,291㎡
Completion March, 2026
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