Fukushima Agricultural College

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CAtKazuko AkamatsuShinya Omura

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A project that was identified and started in an open call for proposals implemented in 2021. The site is located in Yabuki Town in the southern part of Fukushima Prefecture, and is a plan to rebuild the dormitory facilities of the Prefectural Agricultural Junior College and build a new training hall for smart agriculture.

He proposed a new program as a "creative platform that produces leaders of the new age." Programs such as male and female dormitories, a general lodging building, a preparation building for outdoor work, and a smart agriculture training hall are divided into nine volumes. connect organically.

The dormitory and general accommodation building will be a space that induces activities by Doma, Hiroma, and Engawa, while including elements reminiscent of the scenery of the L-shaped roofs of the traditional Maezawa Magariya village in Fukushima.

The hall building and the outdoor work preparation building are centered around a hexagonal hall that has been transformed to match the surrounding environment. The expansive FLA (Flexible Learning Area) will become a space that accepts a variety of uses.
Location Yabuki Town, Fukushima
Principal use Specialized training college ; agricultural junior college, training facility, dormitory
Structure Wooden structure
Number of stories 1 story, partially 2 stories
Total floor area 4,000㎡
Joint Venenture Henmi Architect Office
Completion January, 2025
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