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A base for global knowledge that will lead the library of the future
In order to make comparative studies according to the required level and budget, and to flexibly change and respond, we will create opportunities for detailed sharing and swift cooperation. In addition, through facility development, we aim to develop human resources that support the prefectural library, and create a system and opportunities that can develop into a wide range of relationships such as community development and regional information networks.

Library Architecture Multicultural Coexistence Declaration
In order to comply with the "Declaration on Libraries' Freedom", guarantee freedom of access to information, and continuously expand services for the future of the library, we hereby announce the "Declaration of Multicultural Coexistence in Library Architecture". In addition to the "Declaration on Libraries' Freedom", the public space of libraries has accumulated at least two merkmars / indicators that guarantee and expand access to information. One is history / archive and the other is collaboration /network. Reconsidering the nature of library architecture that implements archives and networks and enhances accessibility, keeping in mind coexistence with a sustainable society. That is our “Declaration of Multicultural Coexistence in Library Architecture”.

Ever-changing appearance created by lush vegetation
Plants representative of each region of Shizuoka prefecture, city, and town, selected in workshops in each region, will be placed on terraces suitable for each region, such as sunlight and wind environment. A landscape that is open to people creates a sense of participation that allows them to commit themselves to the way the library appears, and encourages regular visits to maintain it, creating a mechanism for building ongoing relationships. It creates an exterior with a rich and ever-changing exterior that expresses the activities of the people of Shizuoka.

Internal spaces that accommodates a variety of activities, from groups to individuals
The structure gradually changes from the bright and open 1st and 2nd floors, where various activities are connected with the city block, to the relatively closed personal space on the upper floors for exploring knowledge. For furniture and finishes, we actively use Shizuoka wood such as Fujinomiya and Tenryu cedars and cypresses to create a friendly and calm space.

Library as a sanctuary; a multicultural base that guarantees diverse access to information
Internet searches have become more commonplace than encyclopedias, and the shift to digital information that can be accessed online in libraries is accelerating due to changes in social conditions accompanying the spread of ICT and measures to combat infectious diseases. Precisely because it is such an era, we have a sense of trust that we can handle and touch the library materials that have been accumulated over a long history. The existence of libraries as sanctuaries = protected areas will become more important.

Biblioscape that stimulates intellectual curiosity
The collection of our library is extremely diverse, from valuable historical books such as the Aoi Bunko, various statistical information issued by the government, advanced specialized journals, and town magazines. A biblioscape that stimulates intellectual curiosity by visually experiencing the overwhelming volume of the material is rationally created by closed stacks and open stacks that surround it.

Library College developing under overwhelming materials
In the new library, which flexibly responds to the changes of the times, obtains knowledge and information from various media, and is full of mechanisms to activate intellectual exchange, this project itself is a new discovery through various workshops from the design stage. It will be an opportunity to learn and create activities and strengthen ties between people. We will develop a “space for collaboration and learning” that is open to everyone, open-minded, bright, and full of bustle to the lower floors connected from the ground level.

Diverse terraces that expand the possibilities of activities
Various activities that are created by linking the internal functions and the terrace will be disseminated as event information on the WEB, etc., and encourage people to participate. On the music terrace, small concerts are held, there is a kitchen lab where you can use fresh herbs grown in the herb garden, there is a sports terrace where you can enjoy yoga in the morning while looking at Mt.Fuji. The various activities of the library will create an exciting landscape, such as being produced in the library, on the terrace, and even in the city.
Location Suruga, Shizuoka
Principal use Library
Structure Steel structure
Number of stories 7 stories
Total floor area 20,000㎡
Joint Venture AIDA ATELIER
NIKKEN SEKKEI, Engineering Team
Completion March, 2027
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