Unosumai TOMOSU, Kamaishi Civic Gymnasium


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-Unosumai TOMOSU-

The plan started when Unosumai elementary school, Kamaishi Higashi Junior high school and Unosumai Kindergarten were completed, and children running up the stairs became a new town.

The 175 steps of the school lead to the Unosumai Station via the main street. This "town axis" was prepared for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and it was planned to connect to the Unosumai Reconstruction Stadium and become the "reconstruction axis."

The three buildings planned in front of Unosumai Station (Tsunami Memorial Hall, Unosato Visitor Center, and Kamaishi City Gymnasium) are located on the axis of reconstruction so that the children who go to school and the activities of the visiting people are linked.It was arranged along. A wooden finish eave is installed in each building, and when you look up at the school, the warm eave space continues.

The school gymnasium has glass, the junior high school has polycarbonate, and the elementary school has random openings to light up hope in the town of cormorant housing, which has little light at night. In response to those lights, I thought about how each architecture functions as the light of the town.

A chain of activities, materials, and light in a series of architecture that continues from school.

Kazuhiro Kojima succeeds in the reconstruction of the Tohoku Earthquake, and inherits his thoughts as he continues to challenge the way of architecture in the future. A group of buildings like a series of poems creates a new rhythm in this town, echoes the wish for reconstruction that has come to this area, and leads to a lively and lively life.

-Kamaishi Civic Gymnasium-
The eaves, such as the spectator seats, foyer and locker room, surround the arena, where professional basketball teams can play in official games.

The arena is a large space of 43.2 x 50.4 mm with 500 mm square PCaPC columns and steel-framed stringed beams. The structure was surrounded by translucent polycarbonate to create a bright space in natural light. The surrounding locker rooms and warehouses are made of reinforced concrete, and the spectator seats above them have the same height as the tracks on the east side and roads on the north side.

The front, which receives the axis of reconstruction, has a wooden eave space with a high eave height and a folding door that can be opened, so that it can be used integrally with the outside.
Surrounded by 360-degree nature and light, the center of the arena is surrounded by the complex terrain of the Rias-style coast.


Location Kamaishi city, Iwate
Principal use Gymnasium
Structure RC Structure + Steel, PCaPC Structure
Number of stories 2 stories
Site are
Building area
Total floor area


Unosumai elementary school, Kamaishi Higashi Junior high school and Unosumai Kindergarten
Unosumai TOMOSU, Tsunami Memorial Hall / Unosato Visitor Center/a>


photo *Masao Nishikawa
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