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This building is the Fujioka Branch / Fujioka Koryukan in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. It is a two-story building with a mixed structure of wooden, reinforced concrete, and some steel frames, which is a combination of a branch office with a bus terminal on the premises and an exchange building.
The 28 exchange halls in Toyota City have a standard structure that adds a space with a strong regional color to common areas such as a rental room (charged) common to the entire building and a library corner, and other facilities depending on the local circumstances. And build together. It is of great significance to create an exchange center for each region, such as inheriting history, culture, and customs, and a place for lifelong learning. Especially in the aging area, I thought that there was a need for a place to induce the activities of children and young people. Therefore, in this plan, we repeated hearings with nearby educational facilities, and incorporated a small hall between flat soils that can be used freely, an exhibition gallery, and a bus waiting that can be used even when the museum is closed.
The overall composition of the building is the area of ​​the branch office in the east and the area of ​​the exchange building in the west. Due to the nature of joint construction, independence and affinity between the two were required. The entrance to the building is on the branch side. The branch waiting area with a colonnade and the library corner were used as a hub to loosely connect the rooms, and the exchange hall office was placed between the two to clarify the management area. Since the rental rooms are closed when not in use, we arranged them alternately with common areas that guide natural light and wind so that the activity area that can be freely used at any time spreads throughout the building.
In addition, by covering the rooms with different personalities with a large wooden roof, we aimed to create a market-like space where various shops gather to create one place. The large roof is a deep gable roof with eaves supported by dendritic pillars and concrete walls. The concrete walls of wood grain, which are painted separately for each area, are colored to clarify the outline of the wall and give depth to the space.
The mottled texture of the space, which is a mixture of various colors and materials, brings harmony to the room where existing equipment is brought in. From the site, you can enjoy the scenery of Mt. Sanage and the Iino River. The garden and promenade decorated with Fujioka's vegetation will be completed next spring, creating a landscape that is in harmony with the surrounding area.I hope this place will be like a market full of activities of many generations.


Location Toyota-city,Aichi
Principal use City Office Branch and Exchange Center
Structure Wooden frame and RC structure,S structure
Number of stories 2 stories
Site area
Building area
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