T-PLUS Nihonbashi Kodemmacho


CAtKazuko AkamatsuShinya Omura

This is a mid-size office project built in Kodemmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, with a view to future series development. Selected by a nomination proposal to choose design supervisors for entrances and façade. Façade design supervision work generally tends to be an expression that transfers abstract concepts such as corporate identity and the image of the office environment that should be to the outer wall. And it is difficult to reach the design of the essential architectural skeleton. We reversed this limitation of "only touching the façade" and envisioned an office environment that should be in the future from the "window area" including the façade.

There are two main components which are an "outer unit" installed on the outside side of the wall and an "inner unit" installed on the inside. The "outer unit" has various functions such as a greening pod and a visual shielding panel that mediate between the surrounding environment and the indoor environment, and their installation position is determined by conditions such as the line of sight from the surrounding buildings and the wind / light environment. The "inner unit" is a unit with functions that support work such as storage, work desk, and greening planter, and aims to transform the window space into a rich office space. The installation position changes in real time according to the desires of the office workers who spend there. In this way, the scenery where the conditions of the site (outer unit) and the activities of the people who spend there (inner unit) overlap appears as "a scenery that can only be found here".

Based on the future forecast that the needs for mid-sized office buildings will increase rather than large-scale development, the project is planned to expand to various regions with Kodemmacho as a foothold, but it is a so-called uniform brand. Instead of painting the city with an image, I hope that by carefully picking up the "landscape that can only be found here" while expressing a strong identity, it will have a better impact on the cityscape.


Location Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Principal use Shops and Office
Structure Steel structure
Number of stories 9 stories
Site area 420.01㎡
Building area 323.28㎡
Total floor area 2,777.25㎡
Complition April, 2022


Kai Nakamura
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