Saigon Liberating Newspaper


CAnCAtSusumu UnoKazuhiro Kojima

Part of steel reinforced concrete structure, 2 basement floors and 16 floors above ground are planned for the "Saigon Liberation News Agency Headquarters Building" located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The first floor and the second floor are parking lots, and the first floor to the sixth floor are the offices of Saigon Liberation Newspaper, including a hall for lectures. The 7th to 15th floors consisted of rental offices for media related companies, and the top floor consisted of a press club and a cafe. It is a base for receiving and sending information that symbolizes Vietnam in the 21st century.
The feature of this architecture is the multiple skin covering the entire architecture, created from the Asian climate and culture. From the active mode that relies on the air conditioning system to the passive mode that makes the most of ventilation, the mode of the indoor environment can be selected in response to the changing nature aspect. Specifically, "light wall" that converts natural light into soft indirect light and brings brightness to the room, and "air tower" that guides the wind derived from CFD analysis. It is a proposal of a parent-natural "breathing architecture" using various "light and wind devices".


Location Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam
Principal use Office
Structure RC+S Structure
Number of stories 16 stories + 2 basement
Site area
Buiding area
Total floor area
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