Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park KAWAGUCHI Ⅰ


CAtKazuko AkamatsuShinya Omura

A logistics facility constructed in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, as a delivery base for both wide areas and regions.
He was in charge of designing the entrance, lounge, EV hall, etc. at the facility, which Zenitaka Corp. handles the overall plan for a total area of ​​about 55,000 m2.
This facility is located in the sandbar of the Shin-Shiba River and is a plan with abundant nature with a green road, aiming to be a facility where you can feel the future of logistics while taking root in the area.
By using light such as indirect lighting along with iron, which symbolizes the casting town of Kawaguchi, and natural materials that represent the surrounding environment, a space corresponding to each function such as the entrance, lounge, and EV hall is realized.
The entrance is a space reminiscent of the future of logistics, which is still developing, and the checkerboard, which is also the corporate image of MFLP.
The lounge can be used by a diverse number of people so that users can spend their time as they wish, and by controlling their line of sight while using planting, etc., it is a space that is comfortable for one person to spend.
We hope that a variety of goods will be gathered and many people will interact with each other to become a distribution base that is closer to the community than ever before.


Location Kawaguchi City, Saitama
Principal use Logistics Center

CAt Design
Entrance, Entrance Lobby, Lounge space, WC, EV lobby, Kitchen and Smoking area.
Structure RC structure, partly Steel Structure
Number of stories 4 Stories
Site area 28,139.12㎡
Building area 15,280.23㎡
Total floor area Common area /CAt Design:306㎡
ALL 54,789.64㎡


Akira Nakamura
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