Machida Museum of Crafts


CAnYasuyuki Ito

It is the design of the craft arts museum to be next to graphic arts Museum in a site of Serigaya Park where rich vegetation is left. I don't add a hand to vegetation and the topography of the park as much as possible and suggested the compact museum which minimized influence to give environment.

The park of the construction site becomes the valley topography, and is Machida center city area and the park; with the elevation difference of approximately 20m. Matched the building with the hill; persuaded you high, and be the top floor with a level same as a city area side. I plan the course of three for cancellation with the elevation difference that is available in a visitor, anyone including neighborhood inhabitants.
1.Stairs to follow from the upper hill, and to connect an entrance, the park with through the under of eaves of museum.
2.Looking at the green in the park ; the excursion line of flow around the outer periphery of the building.
3.A barrier-free line of flow which it links the roof terrace of museum to the upper hill with a bridge, and moves by an elevator to the floor above the ground.

We aime at The green in park melts into the building of outside walls. I use reinforcement laminated glass for cladding variously, and it seems to outside walls, and the green and sky are crowded with various reflectance. I think that the scenery which green is rich in and a figure harmonizing deserve to be this site without the outline of the building melting into scenery softly, and giving the neighborhood a feeling of pressure by the volume of the building.


Location Machida-city,Tokyo
Principal use Museum
Structure RC Structure
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