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A project to unify the local administration o"ce with a municipal hall at a village with around 5000 citizens which located in a heavy snowfall mountain area. Responding to the gradual slopes that characterize Kijimadaira Village and its scenery with mounds, a curved roof is designed to stand out with its distinguishing silhouette as well as being familiar to its background.
Functions like library, village office and community space etc are placed around the central hall with lounge spaces among them. By opening and shutting the partitions and double-layered doors, the hall can be used as an indoor square for social events and daily exhibitions when opened and can be transformed into sound-insulated music hall for concerts when shut. This is intended to provide a place where visitors can drop in freely regardless of the seasons.Also local wood is used in the wooden structure of the building thoroughly.


Principal use Village Center(Town office,Hall,Library)
Structure W Structure
Total floor area 4,000㎡
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