intesucre interior project


C+AKazuko Akamatsu

It is an interior renovation project of a lingerie shop for young women. This store is on the floor where fashion shops are lined with tenant buildings directly connected to Yokohama Station. Because the location of the store is slightly off the escalator's circulation line,
・ Place the light in the direction to draw in the gaze of the person who got off the escalator
・ Cut down the height of fixtures and secure the spread of gaze
・ The product can be shown floating on the front display using glass, so that the shop image can be transmitted instantly
With the above three points, I planned to attract and pull in the eyes of people passing by.

Also, because of the nature of the lingerie shop, it is an important factor that influences the sales that it is possible to immediately obtain a product that matches the size of the design you like. The customer goes to another store without having the store clerk search if the store does not have a product of the size suitable for him / her. In addition, the difference in color, size and design is very detailed compared to regular clothes, and there are many variations. As a result, an extremely large number of products will be on display at stores. In order not to create a cluttered atmosphere even when the product overflows, all heights of the movable fixtures were kept lower than the line of sight, and the frame was summarized in a clear design.
Also, in order to highlight the color of the product, the whole was based on white. In addition, the finish has a textured feeling so as not to be too flat.


Location Yokohama-city,Kanagawa
Principal use interior


Photo Hiroyuki Hirai
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