CAnSusumu Uno

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A steel-framed one-story tenant space built in an old shopping district in the center of Nagoya. Even if a one-story studio is divided into three parts of about 10 tsubo, it can be rented out, and the architecture is like a site where you can imagine various uses.
The structure is a steel structure with a gate-shaped frame and a large iron plate that acts as a breath, with a black leather finish that keeps the texture of the material as it is, and the outer skin is covered with a folded plate roof and metal panels. We aimed to feel the sign of a new place while blending into the streets of the shopping district, where the rough architecture like the exposed iron leaves a retro atmosphere.

All the openings facing the alley are revolving doors, and when the doors are left open, the inside transforms into an open place like the outside, and the concrete floor that continues from the entrance to the inside promotes a sense of depth. When the door is closed, the screen becomes a huge screen facing the city where the streets of the shopping street and the activities inside the building are mixed and projected on the glass surface, and the architecture disappears like the role of a frame. The inner wall, which enhances the effect of these reflections, is indigo, which is close to darkness like Vermeer's painting, and the garden in the back is further highlighted as a city screen.
In the backyard, paving stones and plants are made by reusing the rusted railroad pillow stones. We hope that the boundary between the inside and outside will be blurred through the frame and screen, and that the garden, the dirt floor, and the city will be used as a place of connection.


Location Nagoya city, Aichi
Principal use
Structure S structure
Number of stories 1 story
Site area
Building area
Total floor area


Nagoya Machinami Design Award
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