CAnSusumu Uno

This building is a 5-story tenant building in Osu, Nagoya. The building consists of two seismic cores made of steel-framed reinforced concrete, thin walls and flat slabs of reinforced concrete, and thin columns of steel.
The building features skip floors and stairs inside and outside the building.
The roadside façade connects the terraces on each floor with the skip floors of the landing with steel stairs. We made the most of the common area to arouse the curiosity of passers-by who are interested in the second floor and above, want to climb the stairs, and want to see what the interior is like. We tried to create a three-dimensional strolling garden with stairs and terraces covered in green, using the common area, which is not normally included in the rental floor area, as a place like a private garden for each tenant.


Location Nagoya-city,Aichi
Principal use office
Structure SRC Structure
Number of stories 5 stories
Site area
Building area
Total floor area
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