Disaster Recovery Public Housing for Osakishirahama in Kamaishi


CAtKazuhiro Kojima

The site Ozaki Shirahama is located about 6 km from the urban area of Kamaishi,Iwate Prefecture.Before the earthquake,the school was closed, and after the earthquake,the primary school used as a shelter was destroyed,and there were five public housing units.
At the design stage,I interviewed the residents several times and asked about the habits and hopes of life.We proceeded with the design while reflecting the opinions of the residents.
The existing village around the site was built with a slight gap so that it would touch the eaves.Two out of five houses were slightly angled to blend in with the surrounding community.
By arranging with a slight "shift",the five entrance porches turned to the center,and each was made to feel the sign of the room used regularly.
Because the residents are elderly people, we aimed to live a life while watching each other.


Collaborators Masatoshi Hirai
Kamihei and Archi+Aid Joint-venture
Location Kamaishi,Iwate
Principal use 5 Detached Houses
Structure Timber
Number of stories 1 story
Site area
Building area

Total floor area
2LDK 62.93㎡
1LDK 52.99㎡
2LDK 59.62㎡
1LDK 49.68㎡


Photo Satoshi Sigeta


SHINKENCHIKU special issue 2016.08
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