University of Central Aria, Naryn Campus

2004In Progress

C+AKazuhiro KojimaKazuko Akamatsu

The University of Central Asia is a project in which three campuses in three countries, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan, will be constructed at the same time to form a new university.
When the school is opened with 2 faculties on each campus and 1,200 students, a small city-like place will appear in the nature of the Silk Road, including not only the school but also facilities for living for 8 months. This plan is on the Naryn campus in Kyrgyzstan.
I thought that how to build a group of buildings on a harsh site where the altitude is 2000m and the total length is 5km, and it gets cold inside and outside -20 ℃ in winter, is how to slide into various streams along such valleys.
Also, for groups who live 6 hours away from the capital by car for a period of 8 months, it will be important to choose a place to stay and to keep a as needed.
I think it is important not to be compact and convenient, but to feel freedom rather than restraint while maximizing and utilizing the nature of this place.
Many architects and engineers have participated in this project, and the architecture and landscape of the Naryn campus is also being promoted in collaboration with multiple designers.


Location NAaryn, Kyrgyz Republic
Principal use University
Structure RC, partially Steel structure
Number of stories 4 stories
Site area 2,780,000㎡
Building area 77,000㎡
Total floor area 22,000㎡
Principal Architect Arata Isozaki + i-NET
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