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Uto Elementary School


This elementary school is located inUtoCity,Kumamotoprefecture, approximately two airplane hours south ofTokyo. It has a characteristic weather of its high temperature and humidity.

The project was selected in an open competition as part of a masterplan for the Kumamoto Artpolis, and its realization and opening is scheduled for September 2011.

Various sizes of courtyards and L-shaped walls become a device of gently articulation and connection of spaces allows for reversing “in” and “out”, “class rooms” and “corridor/workspace”.

L-shaped wall, identify each class room, has big whole towards corridor. Spaces around the wall, where students’ activity happen, completely open to outside.

The aim for this project has been to form the whole as to become and feel like the outside, where “in” and “out” are blended gradual transition of density.



樹木の群に「L 壁」の群を滑り込ませ、ゆるやかに区切られながらいくつもの中庭を孕んで広がるワンルームの空間が現れた。