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Tachikawa Daiichi Elementary School + Shibasaki Study House

立川市立第一小学校 柴崎図書館・学童保育所・学習館

Tachikawa Daiichi Elementary School + Shibasaki Study House+Shibasaki Afterschool Facilities

Tachikawa Daiichi Elementary School + Shibasaki Study House+Shibasaki Afterschool Facilities

This is the reconstruction project of elementary school which has been built for 50 years. A public study house, library and after school nursery were newly consolidated with the school in this time. It aims to become the center of safety and healthy educational facilities and a base when it has a disaster.
It is located in Tachikawa city which is commuter town for central Tokyo. The site is separated to 2 parts; one is for the main school building and library, another is for the study house including halls. Both are connected by catwalk.
The interior of the school building are separated in pieces. There are no corridor and border of rooms. Beams and movable doors separated the
space of classrooms smoothly. It is also corresponded for diversifying teaching methods.
On the other hand, study house building is made by piling up pre-cast concrete into check pattern. This structure supports the large spans such as a lecture hall or the multipurpose hall. The neighbors can see and feel the activities inside.