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Owase Elementary School


Succeeding to the memory of neighbors
This project is rebuild of the 50 years wooden elementary school and earthquake-resistant repair of the RC building. There is a wide stone stairway facing the school playground, which is the symbolic place of this school having the history more than 100 years. In this project, we established the corridor to connect this stair to buildings around. This corridor succeeds to the memory of school life because it has been the space to change shoes. In addition, as multipurpose hall and library face this space becomes a center for communication of the children of different ages. In a holiday and the nighttime, by opening some rooms to the local people it is expected to become a public communication place .

Utilizing local resources: the log wall of Owase Hinoki Cypress
As new usage of the local timber, log materials of the Hinoki are used for an interior partitions. All walls except exterior and fire prevention are made
of this log. Neither foundation work such as LGS (Light gauge steel) nor finishing compound are necessary.
As a resul t , i t needs only simple construction process without usual plural processes. Natural wood skin left as finishing of wall produces warm feeling of the material. Moreover, this const ruct ion method is sure to be suitable for school architecture, because it is durable material and structure for rough use. In addition, it does not need any consideration of water proo/ ng, / re prevention and wind resistance ability because it is just internal par tition;
Therefore, it is possible to become a general structure widely.