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Kamaishi Unosumai elementary / Junior high school

釜石市立釜石東中学校 鵜住居小学校 鵜住居幼稚園 釜石市鵜住居児童館

This is a full-scale restoration plan of the Unosumai elementary school,Kamaishi Higashi Junior high school and Unosumai Kindergarten where
suffered from by the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster. By the public proposal carried out in June, 2013, it was demanded that it became "a
symbol of the revival of the town".
The thing which we aimed at here "is powerful existence without being buried while adapting itself to scenery".
The plan is constructed by "the grand staircase" to tie "The stair ridge" of 18m above see level and "The bridge ridge" of 26m above see level, them to."The bridge ridge" is located to step over the swamp on the board which is made by the out of soilof the minimum to succeed to the scenery of theexisting mountain, and to be floating in the air. Between "the stairs ridges of this side ," the outdoor grand staircase goes. The grand staircase is located of the school on an axis linking Unosumai Station, and the scenery that children commute is visualized by the town. We can expect the whole reviving town from the balcony of the bridge ridge. Children may take in own growth by gradually moving to the upper air from the lower grades of the elementary school to a junior high school.
The experience that affected East Japan great earthquake disaster and a process of the subsequent revival asks we architect land and the relations
of the building some other time. We do not only think about a building only in sites prepared for. After violence of nature, We put it in the place needing to build up land from zero, and what kind of way can you behave in? All these means that We suggested was enabled aswell as a building design by unifying engineeringworks and architecture