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International School of Asia Karuizawa


ISAK, International School of Asia, which was opened in August 2014, is a fully residential, 3-year international high school located in Karuizawa, Japan. It was approved as a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, and is preparing toward participation of the first UWC (United World College) in Japan. For future expansion, a school building (School 2), Music+Theater ridge and a student dormitory will be added to existing ridges (School 1, designed by other company ).
 A core commitment at ISAK is a focus on leadership. Therefore we suggested open and flexible learning environment for raising questions and activities on students’ own initiative. Classrooms and small spaces which have different characters are arranged in the one-room space connecting with the library and FLA (flexible learning area). In addition, the campus locates in the foot of Asama Mountain, because outdoor activity is one of the important curriculums of ISAK. Because of its environmentally friendly location, we designed school 2 and Music&Theater as one-storied house, which traced the sloping topography without giving uncomfortable feeling in a forest. The learning field of students does not settle only on the school building but extends to the life in the dormitory. Therefore, new buildings of school-2, Music+Theater and dormitory are proposed as general open environment, while being based on the relations with the existing school buildings.