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Tsuda Veterinary Clinic


This is a suburban veterinarian clinic located about 30 minutes by train from Osaka. In the clinic there is one doctor and one assistant who deal with everything from examinations,operations, and provision of medicine for various illnesses and injuries of all kinds of animals, to the sales of pet-related products. Therefore, a space is needed with a compact circulation route for the staff,and vast storagespace. The staff-only zone was combined with the zone for the patients(animals) and their owners, and a 40cm-deep rackmade from 6mm-thick steel sheet was placed on the boundary. This steel sheet rack became the main structure. By subtracting the portion of the shelves that can handle stress from the rack, which measures 40cm in either direction, it supports a small building without excess or deficiency. With the program simplified and abstracted, the space has a variety of possible uses, such as an office, a library, or a shop.