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MOOM Tensegritic membrane structure

"MOOM" is a temporary experimental space and the realization of a new type of membrane structure. It is the world's first membrane structure that uses the system of tensegrity, combining <Discretely placed compression members> and <Tensile membrane material>. Membrane structures so far always belonged to one of the two following types: the self-supporting frame structure or the airinflated membrane structure. "MOOM" is different from those
The compression members are fixed on the membrane independently from eachother, and by creating an arch by inserting the stick ends in shorts pipes in the ground, an independent structure emerges. "MOOM" has the following special features. First, it is extremely lightweight. Second, anyone can with the help of around 40 people easily create their own structure, using only three elements: membrane material (with pockets for sticks), sticks,
and fi xing ropes to the ground. Thirdly, no traces are left behind after the structure's removal.
The process of raising "MOOM" together creates a festive atmosphere, reminding of the beginnings of architecture and a collective construction.