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Great Nirvana Tower Project

高傳寺 大涅槃塔プロジェクト

A tower planned next to the main hall of a historical Buddhist temple of the Nabeshima clan which is located at the Saga city center.
The facility comprises space to display a 15.2m tall x 6m wide Nirvana's portrait and provides place where memorial tablets are kept. Referring
to Tsuichin, a Buddhist ritual implement as motif, the tower has an octagonal pyramid shape. The main framework is comprised of 6m long beams made from 120x240 standardized timber sandwiched among one another to form a stable truss structure. Natural sunlight from the high side opening brightly lights up the space illuminating the framework and wooden beams beautifully.
木造軸組工法による2階建ての塔(1F:涅槃堂、2F:位牌堂)で、主架構は、長さ6m の流通製材(120×240)を組み合わせた弓型形状のトラス8フレームを、風車状に互いに相持ちとするレシプロカル構造としている。