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Saigon Liberating Newspaper


This is the 16 floor headquarters of SGGP Newspaper. The two basement floors contain parking lots, floors 1 to 6 contain lecture halls and newspaper offices, floor 7 to 15 are rented out to various media related companies, while the top floor contains the Nationa Press Club and a cafe. The building demarks Vietnam as a location for information exchange for the 21st century. Multiple skins covering the entire facade have been inspired by the climate and culture of Asia, and is what characterises the architecture. Inside, changing back and forth between the active AC system, and the passive natural ventilation system, creates an indoor environment in accordance with the outside conditions. More specifically, rooms are provided with natural light from the skins forming a "light wall", and CFD-analysis of wind patterns makes the building into an "air tower". These factors makes this a"breathing building".