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GINZA Office Building


The site is a short distance from the Ginza main street, in the center of Tokyo. A street lined with many department stores and commercial buildings for famous fashion brands. The project is for a rental office building that has an approx. 10m x 10m base and a ehight of 60m including roof top panels. By having higher ceiling height and utilizing maximum regulation floor area ratio, the project meets both functional requirement of the additional value of rental office and symbolic requirements of the behavior towards the city.

Although the specified budget did not account for the façade, like numerous super brand buildings, we judged that a normal frame structure is not appropriate because of the site condition and the required program. Instead we felt that a “ structure = design” solution was strongly required.

Here, we chose a tube structure system. That is, 40cm thick PC panels fragmented at a height of 1 or 2 stories, with each panel connected by being tensioned vertically. With this we intended to create an unbalanced feeling caused by the large dimension and high accuracy of the structural elements, which generate a fragile expression different from neighboring façade-designed-buildings.

The space that is generated by the thick outer shell, at the same time, creates an internal shell effect..

The intention of this “reversibleness” is to give visiting people the sensation of, at the same time, being “both inside and outside” – a part of the Ginza area character. At the same time, the design gives a strong visual impression when seen from a distance.