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Minakata Kumagusu Museum


First prize at proposal competition.
Location of the site is rich in nature where it is surrounded by the mountain, river and the ocean of southern Kii peninsula. The project aim is to design a memorial hall of the local born world-famous natural historian Kumagusu Minakata where all his documents, specimens, monuments will be kept permanently and exhibited. Semi-arch and pin pillar are used on the ground  oor to create a light structure. Together with the exhibition room on the middle  oor and rooftop garden on the top, 3 < Blending, Closing ,Opening > layers respectively are created to ful€ ll the requirement of archive protection
as well as to adapt the architecture itself into the splendid neighboring environment.A large-size lantern printed with the Wakan-sansai-zue (an encyclopedia compiled in the Edo period) is allocated at the heart of the building to symbolizes the spirit of Minakata.