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KOSHINOKUNI Museum of Literature


This is a museum dedicated to ETCHU province's (traditional name of Toyama and around area in Japanese) literature which has a long history since ancient days of MANYO-SHU, Japan’s oldest anthology of poems.
The Former  official residence of Governor has been turned into an administration building, and a new venue has been built nearby for exhibition . The garden was also renovated with maintenance of new landscape around.
The exhibition building, inspired on some distinctive parts of the  traditional country house, consists of two kinds of spaces. Some independent  “KURA” spaces (storehouse building  in Japanese) are connected by “DOMA” open spaces (traditional transitional space with earthen floor).
KURA spaces are clad with large-sized aluminum cast panels (1m X 5m) imprinted with leaves chosen according to ETCHU MANYO (Japanese traditional poems in this area). DOMA is a space visitors walk around freely, and where they experience diversified sceneries, softly lit by wall reflection and the light filtered by surrounding trees that is entering from a big window situated in the library (7m X 3m high).
Regarding structure, the building simply consists of walls and beams. Reinforced concrete boxes that house KURA spaces support the column free DOMA spaces.  Its roof is made of steel beams, and is cantilevering 13 meters outside the boxes to show the entrance.

この文学館は、万葉の時代からの長い歴史を持つ 越中文学に関する文学館である。旧知事公館を改修し、新たに展示棟を増築、既存庭園の改修と周辺ランドスケープの整備をすることでとして再生するものである。