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Takahanadaira Dental Clinic


This plan puts the dental clinics which took a local medical service for 50 years from 1963 together in a modern request and rebuilds it. The house of the house maker and a medical office of RC construction were built on the site. That become obsolete, and dismantle a medical office of RC which became small, and enlarge a new dental clinic while reusing a part of the house; had a complicated initial condition although being small. When it is the house maker house where an existing house caught the model authorization, the condition of the building code becomes difficult more when I enlarge a building in a wooden house. I choose the how to structure that is large-scale for the small scale building which I completely enlarge independent woodwork structurally with the existing house here and tie all masks touching it to with an expansion joint. The correspondence that is flexible including the standard method, an enforcement order will be an expected problem in future when I enlarge a building in existing houses of the model authorization.

For a dental clinic, is extremely orthodox; become plane. In a limited condition to use a part of the existing house, as for the ground plan, it is decided necessarily by the demands such as gathering up isolating a patient line of flow and a medical care line of flow definitely while finding the necessary medical treatment level, working area of the medical staff compactly. I tried that I created places depending on each role while controlling a height direction and brightness of the space here. A ceiling is high and does the place becoming the nucleus of the medical line of flow with bright space doing lighting from the high side and says that the approach from the waiting for of the patient to the consulting room controls studding adversely and were met by the low light from ground window. The doctor's office sandwiched between two divided individual medical treatment stands with a partition and secured the privacy of the patient. While each becomes independent, these three places become the space that can take in the state that various light coexists naturally.

I think the space where a variety of brightness coexists to be one essence of the building regardless of a use. By this plan, I aimed at it being with the space where a state of the light was felt purely by making detail a mini-circle thoroughly.