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In a growing new town ofChiba, there’s a small cul-de-sac where several clinics are built next to each other. We were requested to design a clinic/house on the dead-end of this street. For the site we have proposed a columnar building, 16metre across, which inscribes the site for two main reasons.

One was to project a strong presence to the building, without being assimilated into the neighbours. This unique shape, which has no front façade or the back, had attained the object. Another reason is related to the specific circulations of the building’s main users- the patients.   (1) book in at the reception (2)wait for your turn at the waiting lobby…edge up to the door (3)consult a doctor, then take treatment if needed (4)back to the reception to render payment  

Here with the circular plan, I wanted to formalize this unicarsal circulation. 

Vast openings had been installed onto the waiting area on the first floor,