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Space Block Kamishinjo


Information for rent

This is a rental apartment building located in a lively old town about 15 minutes by train from central Osaka. The site was formerly a public bath with a variety of surrounding buildings such as small factories, okonomiyaki restaurants, and karaoke bars etc. The theory of the Basic Space Blocks (BSB) was first applied to this project. BSB is a system of spatial blocks composed by three to five extremely small module cubes where in this particular case each cube has a dimension of 2.4m on each side. The small BSB units come together as a sequence and diffuse into the surrounding townscape making an architecture with an indistinguishable outline.

This project can be described as an apartment building in which space takes precedence, and then functional equipments such as kitchens and bathrooms are installed. This unusual design sequence creates unique qualities of light and air that enter from unexpected places. As a result, spaces that are quite different from the so-called “one-room apartment” can be attained.

This methodology of “Space Block” theory was further developed in “Space Block Hanoi Model”, “Space Block Nozawa” and “Space Block Tainan.”