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Housing, Tianjin

Housing, Tianjin

This house is designed as a combination and junction of <white space> and the <black space>. The <white space> is a buffer, outer zone of the house called “SHIKII” and <black space> creates private rooms which are separated from the outside and raised from the ground level.

Cantilevered structure creates particular landscape from the ground level. While other architects are planning simple houses, we articulated shape of the landmark.

Units of A400m², 500 m², 600 m², has a various appearance caused by configuration of each <black space> with different dimension and direction. Unit B400m², has YAOTON basement floor and its <black space> is connected in a vertical direction. 280 units are made of a simple repetition of <black spaces>.

The volume with a tower shape has a <black space> placed on top and the middle part of it is covered by louvered windows.

We expect to see various activities on the ground level.