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 One floor accommodates such equipment/facilities as bathroom and kitchen. The other floor is totally empty. The two floors are connected via a double-height void. Each building of the two wings is made up of walls that enclose a room and three independent walls. The round-edged interior walls are joined seamlessly, and feature windows that are somewhat lager than usual, offering views to the sky and the greenery. A few steps off and the window is out of sight, leaving sunlight o slide slowly along the white wall.

 Space created by the stark white wall that surrounds it in seamless manner renders the sense of distance a little vague. Then, the empty space is given character by the three walls and creates potentials of a place ― for reading books. With its appearance of a studio, it holds a number of places that are loosely connected and yet sometimes invisible from one another: perhaps the room embodies more freedom than a space where no rules are applied does.

 In this project the attributes of inhabitants are yet indefinite. Instead of an ordinary house planning, we have looked into the possibilities of places that would absorb the future residents’ various activities while accepting and developing each person’s time and living that flow through the days to be spent in this house, in a most flexible manner.